I’ve been collecting chants dedicated to the Guru, Krishna, Mother, Rama, Shiva, and others for many years and have over 200 of them notated and with recorded samples which I am providing for free on this website. Although these chants originated from India, the benefits of singing and chanting to the divine are not restricted to a particular country or spiritual philosophy.

I am very much an amateur musician… whether you are an amateur or professional, its all the same: We¬†can all feel an incredible flow of joy by chanting to the divine.

The chants are performed in a call and response format. When practiced with a group, the chant leader chants a phrase and then the group responds by chanting back that phrase. The recordings just have the instruments playing where the group response would go.

The notated PDF’s show which note should be held down with the thumb for the drone. The other 4 fingers are used to play the melody.

The sound samples maintain the same tempo and just fade out at the end. When performed with a group, the tempo normally gradually increases and then slows down at the end.

I hope you enjoy learning and performing these chants.

Peace & Love,


PS: I want to thank Tami, a talented musician and singer, for contributing numerous notations and recordings to this site.