Krishna Chants

The following are Krishna chants with notation and sample MP3 audio. Click on the link to view the notation or listen to the MP3. Right click and “Save link (or target) as…” to save the PDF or MP3 to your computer.

K-01Keshava MadhavaWaynePDFMP3
K-02Shankaraya MangalamWaynePDFMP3
K-03Bhaja Mana RamWaynePDFMP3
K-04Hare Krishna Hare RamaWaynePDFMP3
K-05Devakinandana GopalaWaynePDFMP3
K-06Shri Radhe ShyamWaynePDFMP3
K-07Achyutum KeshavamWaynePDFMP3
K-07.1Achyutum Keshavam (Variation 1)TamiPDFMP3
K-07.2Achyutum Keshavam (Variation 2)TamiPDFMP3
K-08Krishna KrishnaWaynePDFMP3
K-09Govinda GovindaWaynePDFMP3
K-10Govinda Jay JayWaynePDFMP3
K-11Shri Krishna GovindaWaynePDFMP3
K-12Krishna GovindaWaynePDFMP3
K-13Govinda Krishna JayWaynePDFMP3
K-14Govinda Jaya JayaWaynePDFMP3
K-15Hare Krishna Hare RamaWaynePDFMP3
K-16Shri Krishna Govinda WaltzWaynePDFMP3
K-17Govinda Jaya Jaya Gopala Jaya JayaWaynePDFMP3
K-18Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (Om Namo Narayana)TamiPDFMP3
K-19Shri Krishna ChaitanyaTamiPDFMP3
K-20Govinda Bolo Hari Gopala BoloTamiPDFMP3
K-21Om Namo NarayanaTamiPDFMP3
K-22Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (Shri Guru Sharanam Mama)TamiPDFMP3
K-23Hare Krishna Hare KrishnaTamiPDFMP3
K-24Govinda Jaya Jaya - Inspired by Wah!TamiPDFMP3
K-25Govinda Gopala He NandalalaTamiPDFMP3
K-26Bolo Shri Krishna BoloTamiPDFMP3
K-27Bola Hari Bola Hari Hari Hari BolTamiPDFMP3
K-28Hari Krishna BluesWaynePDFMP3
K-29Hari BolWaynePDFMP3
K-30Gopala Hare GopalaTamiPDFMP3
K-31Hare Govinda Govinda GopalaTamiPDFMP3
K-32Hare Krishna Krishna KrishnaTamiPDFMP3
K-33Govinda Jaya Jaya - melody by Jai UttalTamiPDFMP3
K-34Gopal - melody by Jai UttalTamiPDFMP3