Ram Chants

The following are Ram chants with notation and sample MP3 audio. Click on the link to view the notation or listen to the MP3. Right click and “Save link (or target) as…” to save the PDF or MP3 to your computer.

R-01Ram RamWaynePDFMP3
R-02Jaya Jaya RamWaynePDFMP3
R-03Rama Rama RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-04Shri Ram Jay RamWaynePDFMP3
R-05 Shri Rama SitaWaynePDFMP3
R-06Sita RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-07Rama Dhuna LagiWaynePDFMP3
R-08Ragupati Raghava Raja RamWaynePDFMP3
R-09Om AnandamWaynePDFMP3
R-10Shri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama OmWaynePDFMP3
R-11Shri Rama BoloWaynePDFMP3
R-12Shri Ram Jay RamWaynePDFMP3
R-13Shri RaghunathaWaynePDFMP3
R-14Rama BoloWaynePDFMP3
R-15Shri Ram Jay Ram-Hari Smaran 2TamiPDFMP3
R-15.1Shri Ram Jay Ram - Hari Smaran 2 (Variation 1)WaynePDFMP3
R-16Sita Ram Sita RamWaynePDFMP3
R-17Shri Ram Jay Ram - End of MeditationWaynePDFMP3
R-18Ram Ram Ram Sri RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-19Rama Rama Rama RamWaynePDF (C)
R-20Waltz With RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-21Hare Krishna Hare Rama, Shri Rama Jaya RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-22Hare Ram Ram Rama SitaWaynePDFMP3
R-23Raja Rama Rama RamWaynePDFMP3
R-23.1Raja Rama Rama RamTamiPDFMP3
R-24Rama Bolo, Rama Bolo RamWaynePDFMP3
R-25Shri Ram Jaya RamWaynePDFMP3
R-26Shri Rama Jay RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-27Shri Ram Jay RamWaynePDFMP3
R-28Rama Nama BhajoWaynePDFMP3
R-29Rama MangalamWaynePDFMP3
R-30 Rama Laksman JanakiWaynePDFMP3
R-31Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay RamWaynePDFMP3
R-32Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay RamWaynePDFMP3
R-33Shri Ramachandra Rama HeWaynePDFMP3
R-34Shri Ram Jay Ram - Inspired by Jai UttalWaynePDFMP3
R-35Shri Ram Jay Ram - C MinorWaynePDFMP3
R-36Shri Ram Jay Ram - Inspired by Ananda RasaTamiPDFMP3
R-37Rama Bolo Rama BoloTamiPDFMP3
R-38Tumi Bhaja Re ManaTamiPDFMP3
R-39Shri Ram Jay Ram - Hari Smaran 1TamiPDFMP3
R-40Shri Ram Jay Ram - 6/8TamiPDFMP3
R-41Shri Ram Jay RamTamiPDFMP3
R-42Shri Ram Jay RamTamiPDFMP3
R-43Jai Sita Ram Jai Jai HanumanTamiPDFMP3
R-44Tulasi Magana BhayeTamiPDFMP3
R-45Om Shri RamaWaynePDFMP3
R-46Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Jaya Sita RamTamiPDFMP3
R-47Madhura Madhura NamTamiPDFMP3
R-48Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram Shri Ram Sita RamTamiPDFMP3
R-49Shri Ram Shri RamWaynePDFMP3
R-50Hare Rama Rama RamWaynePDFMP3
R-51Shri Ram Jay RamTamiPDFMP3
R-52Shri Ram Jay RamTamiPDFMP3
R-53Shri Ram Shri Ram (4 parts)WaynePDFMP3
R-54Sita Rama Jay Sita RamaTamiPDFMP3
R-55Shri Ram Help MeWaynePDFMP3
R-56Shri Ram Jay Ram 3/4WaynePDFMP3
R-57Om Shri Ram - MangalanandaWaynePDFMP3