Divine Mother

The following are Divine Mother chants with notation and sample MP3 audio. Click on the link to view the notation or listen to the MP3. Right click and “Save link (or target) as…” to save the PDF or MP3 to your computer.

M-01Jay Jay MaWaynePDFMP3
M-02Durge DurgeWaynePDFMP3
K-03Kali Durge Namo NamahWaynePDFMP3
M-04Radhe BoloWaynePDFMP3
M-05Kali DurgeWaynePDFMP3
M-06Bhajamana Ma MaWaynePDFMP3
M-07Jaya Jagadambe Sita RadheWaynePDFMP3
M-08Bhajamana Ma Ma Ma MaWaynePDFMP3
M-09Chamundaye Kali MaTamiPDFMP3
M-10Come Into My Heart Kali MaWaynePDFMP3
M-11Oh Divine MotherWaynePDFMP3
M-12Jai Durga Lakshmi SaraswatiWaynePDFMP3
M-13Durge Jaya JayaWaynePDFMP3
M-14Radhe Radhe GovindaWaynePDFMP3
M-15Jai Ma Jai MaWaynePDFMP3
M-16Amba ParameshwariWaynePDFMP3
M-17Durgate NashiniWaynePDFMP3
M-18Anandi Ma, Anandi MaWaynePDFMP3
M-19Jay Radhe Jaya Radhe RadheWaynePDFMP3
M-20Amba Amba Jai JagadambaTamiPDFMP3
M-21Kali Bolo Kali BoloTamiPDFMP3
M-22Shakti KundaliniTamiPDFMP3
M-23Kali Durge Namo NamahTamiPDFMP3
M-24Jai Jai Radha Ramana Hari BolTamiPDFMP3
M-25Jai Mata KaliTamiPDFMP3
M-26Jai Ma Kali Durge MaTamiPDFMP3
M-27Gayatri Mantra - inspired by Deva PremalTamiPDFMP3
M-28Bolo Radha Ramana Hari BolTamiPDFMP3
M-29Devi Devi DeviTamiPDFMP3
M-30Sita Ram Sita RamWaynePDFMP3
M-31Sita Ram Sita Ram #2WaynePDFMP3
M-32Om Namo LaksmiWaynePDFMP3
M-33Radhe Radhe Radhe ShyamWaynePDFMP3
M-34Om Kali RamakrishnaTamiPDFMP3
M-35Vani SaraswatiWaynePDFMP3
M-36Durge DurgeTamiPDFMP3
M-37Jagat Udharini MataWaynePDFMP3
M-38Kali MaheswariWaynePDFMP3
M-39Jago Jago MaWaynePDFMP3
M-40Gayatri MantraTamiPDFMP3
M-41Shri Ma Jaya Ma - melody by Jai UttalTamiPDFMP3
M-42Radha Rani Ki Jay - melody by Jai UttalTamiPDFMP3
M-43Radhe Govinda - melody by Jai UttalTamiPDFMP3(1)
M-44He Ma DurgaTamiPDFMP3